The Art of the Club

If you have been to the Westwey Club, you’ll know that the walls of our coworking space here in the heart of downtown Providence are filled with the incredible musings of multiple local artists. Through our partnership with leading public art organization, The Avenue Concept, Providence, we were able to welcome three wonderful artists into the space prior to our opening, allowing them to put some of their local flair and creativity into the atmosphere of innovation that we like to foster in all of our communities.

Each mural holds its own in brining a unique perspective to everyone at the Club and we are so excited to share them with you.

All the artists and their pieces are shown below.

To book a tour and see them yourself, please click here. We can’t wait to see you!



By Sagie Vangelina @rastagrandpa (on instagram)

* * * * *


By Michael Ezzell @eezzll (on instagram)

* * * * *



By Joanna Vespia @joannavespia_ismyname (on instagram)


Thank you again to The Avenue Concept (@avenuepvd) for helping us to organize this incredible partnership. We’re so happy to have such masterpieces here every day!