SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Private Phone Booth

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Most of our focus is on interacting with people – and we’re sure you’ll get networking, extrovert energy and all kinds of positive vibes from the people around our space. But, sometimes, you just need some quiet. A place to take that private phone call – or to get away for a short break and have some time…
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The 401. If you’re local, you know why it’s so important and why this corner conference room holds a special place in our heart. Perfect for three or four people to collaborate or set the future of your company. Book your stay in The 401 today by clicking.


SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Every time we lead a tour, we hear about how great our spaces are. From the view out our back windows to our coffee bar area, visitors constantly mention how the space inspires them. So, as the summer grinds on, we’re going to take the next few weeks to showcase some of those special spaces that help our…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: While not officially one space, we have several murals that adorn the walls. A special shout-out to @avenuepvd and the public murals of downtown, these murals come from local artists @eezzll (Michael Ezzell) and @joannavespia_ismyname (Joanna Vespia) and help brighten our coworking space. So, the next time you’re here, please spend some time admiring them.  


SPACES SPOTLIGHT: When the Coffee Bar looks this good, it’s a reason to come join us. It’s also yet another example of how we make sure we are part of the Downtown Community. Special thanks to @boltcoffeeco for providing both hot and cold brew coffee each day. Oh – and coffee is included in all day passes and memberships. So,…
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Spaces Spotlight: The Capitol View

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: The Capitol View doesn’t the name just say everything? Our largest conference room also has a great view of the State House and the rest of downtown. Plus, it’s just the right size for 10 to 12 people to come together plan their future together. So, book this space and make your business a success.

Visit us to celebrate International Coworking Day on August 9

On August 9, 2005, a software engineer introduced the concept of coworking through a blog post. Read more about the day here. Now, 18 years later, we’re proud to celebrate International Coworking Day – and all the success coworking has been worldwide. As a special thank you, we’re opening our spaces on August 9 to everyone. That’s right, come in,…
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Special End of School Offer

You’ve spent the last 10 months working from home, starting your own small business or otherwise having a nice quiet place to work each and every day. (Ok, maybe not a couple of holiday weeks.) Now, summer is upon us. Along with the bright sunshine, the late afternoon thunderstorms and lazy weekends, comes the children and anyone related to the…
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Visit on Your Schedule

With summer weather upon us, we’re all looking for more work flexibility. Now, the Westwey Club has what you need. Purchase a Book of Passes and visit us for only $15 per day. Come in whenever you’d like and use our coworking spaces. You’ll get access to our space and have the chance to meet some of Providence’s movers and…
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Don’t Feel Isolated

Remote work doesn’t have to mean isolation. We’re building a great community of professionals who want to mix things up now and then. Our “Book of Passes” is the most flexible option and a great price (at $15 per day). Come whenever you want. Bring a friend. Awesome work environment. Great location in an iconic building. Fresh brewed Bolt Coffee….
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