Day Passes Make Great Gifts

We have a great many entrepreneurs, start-up leaders and small business owners in our lives. And, they are often our most difficult people to shop for during the gifting season. Independent people by nature, they’ll often just buy whatever it is they want – leaving a very short gift list when the time comes. So, here’s an idea for that…
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November 25 is Shop Local Saturday

Shop Local Saturday is one of our favorite days of the year. The desire to visit local businesses. The excitement of the holiday season. The need to share everything we find as we’re out there shopping. There’s nothing like that rush. So, to get you prepared for Shop Local Saturday, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Downtown Providence…
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Special Opportunity For A Unique Company

Nestled towards the back of Westwey Club is one of the most unique spaces in Downtown Providence – our Enterprise Suite. It’s perfect for companies of 15 to 20 people, with plenty of room in the large shared area, a couple of private meeting rooms and a special private office for those people in your company who need to take…
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Become a Member TODAY!

At the start of October, we were proud to host several events during RI Start-Up Week. These events are a part of our larger vision of creating a community where entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and small business leaders can collaborate and thrive. Success on this mission, however, requires you and your small business to become a part of our community. So,…
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Conference Rooms Available Today

Picture it. You and all your co-workers are scattered throughout the area. Each of you work from a different location – homes, libraries, coffee shops. Each one of you working hard, but all of you working remotely. Now though, you need to come together. You have some strategic planning to do. Or, maybe that ultimate client meeting is coming up…
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Westwey Club is Not Your Typical Office Space

Westwey Club is not your average office space. Located in one of Rhode Island’s most distinctive buildings – the historic Turk’s Head Building – our 11th floor space has views of the State House, College Hill, Downtown and the Canal. Plus, our number one goal is to create community. No more offices in stagnant office parks or suburbs. Come be a…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Private Phone Booth

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Most of our focus is on interacting with people – and we’re sure you’ll get networking, extrovert energy and all kinds of positive vibes from the people around our space. But, sometimes, you just need some quiet. A place to take that private phone call – or to get away for a short break and have some time…
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The 401. If you’re local, you know why it’s so important and why this corner conference room holds a special place in our heart. Perfect for three or four people to collaborate or set the future of your company. Book your stay in The 401 today by clicking.


SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Every time we lead a tour, we hear about how great our spaces are. From the view out our back windows to our coffee bar area, visitors constantly mention how the space inspires them. So, as the summer grinds on, we’re going to take the next few weeks to showcase some of those special spaces that help our…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: While not officially one space, we have several murals that adorn the walls. A special shout-out to @avenuepvd and the public murals of downtown, these murals come from local artists @eezzll (Michael Ezzell) and @joannavespia_ismyname (Joanna Vespia) and help brighten our coworking space. So, the next time you’re here, please spend some time admiring them.