Around the Web – January 2023

Some links we thought you might find interesting this month: Downtowns are Lifeless (The Washington Post) Gov. Proposes Reducing State Sales Tax Little By Little (WJAR News) Recent Studies Highlight True Potential of Hybrid Work (Coworking Insights) Solar Program Aims to Cut Energy Costs (Energy News Network)

From our CEO – January 2023

Over the weekend, The Washington Post ran an opinion piece entitled, “Downtowns are lifeless. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to revive them.” The piece lays out various conversations mayors across America are having about the challenges downtowns are now facing after years of progress pre-pandemic. I would remove “lifeless” from the headline. While the current situations we see are…
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Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Mean Isolation

Remote workers benefit from joining a coworking space because it provides them with a dedicated and professional work environment, which helps to improve productivity and focus. Additionally, our homes are full of personal distractions, and coworking spaces are built and managed to encourage periods of focused work. A coworking space can provide a sense of structure and routine that can…
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The Westwey Club welcomes you to the 2023 Legislative Session!

Welcome to the start of the 2023 Legislative Session. This year, with the first scheduled fully in-person session in many years, there is no time to waste traveling in between meetings or working in random spots around the Statehouse. WE HAVE A SOLUTION. Just steps away from the Rhode Island Statehouse, Westwey Club can assist in many of your day-to-day…
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The Legislative Session starts soon

The Legislative Session starts in the next couple of weeks. There is no time or place like the Legislative Season in Providence. From offices to event spaces, we have all you need to be in the middle of the action and just steps from The State House all session long. We want to help you have a successful 2023.

From our CEO – December 2022

“People are ready to return to a fully opened downtown.” No matter who I talk to, I hear this same mantra over and over. Life may never be the same after 2020, but many of us are ready to get back to face-to-face meetings and the other things that make Downtown Providence a unique place to be and work. So, as the…
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Around the Web

Some links we thought you might find interesting this month: RI Legislative Leaders Disagree on Education Funding (Providence Journal) Coworking Industry Trends to Keep An Eye on in 2023 (Coworking Resources) What Employees Want in a Post-COVID Office Space (Providence Business First)

Holiday Hours

Westwey Club is open the final week of the calendar year, so you can get away from the hustle and bustle of your house and still have a productive work week. We do have some special staffing hours, though. Please take a look at the schedule below. If you have any questions, please email us. 12/23: 8a to 12p 12/26: No staffing 12/27:…
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Distinctive Small Event Space

Distinctive Small Event Space Westwey Club is not your average business event space. Located in one of Rhode Island’s most distinctive buildings – the historic Turk’s Head Building – our 11th-floor space has views of the Capitol, College Hill, Downtown, and the Canal. Our on-site team helps a variety of businesses and organizations host events from 10 to 100…
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Meetup and Make Great Ideas Come to Life

Meetup and Make Great Ideas Come to Life   Westwey Club has versatile meeting, conference, and small event space that stimulates creativity, and cultivates collaboration. We make it convenient to Book a Room. Leave the details to our on-site crew to have everything set for your team’s visit. Located in the historic Turk’s Head Building in downtown Providence, Westwey Club…
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