2 men and women standing around small round table

Flexible Office & Coworking Space for Providence, RI Professionals

Hey, Providence. We heard you’ve been looking for a new place to work. That your current setup isn’t really cutting it. That your favorite local coffee shop is a little too crowded for a private business meeting. That you want to develop a team with good workplace culture. That the space you call a home office is really just your laptop plugged in at the kitchen table. And listen, we get it. We’ve heard this from a lot of people in a lot of different places.

That’s why we started a Club.

Westwey is a place with good vibes.

A place with fiber connected internet and plenty of seats to plug in.

A place with a coffee pot that never empties and other hospitality.

A place where you can get to work, expand your network, and enjoy work.

Our Story.

Westwey Club will feel and operate like a hometown startup, creating meaningful connections with our members.

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